Balance the Budget

To Our Elected Representatives;

The economy's out of control. It's time to rein in expenses, get America back to work and balance our budget through enterprise, fiscal responsibility and low taxes.

The nation's economy is galloping down a path towards bankruptcy. We are spending more than we earn and borrowing more than we can repay. The National Debt is over $17 trillion, an incomprehensible number to ordinary people, and our annual deficit is bloating outwards with the unsustainable expenses of debt interest payments, swollen welfare rolls, unemployment benefits, corporate bail-outs and political pet-projects. It's time to put America back to work, to straighten out our economy, rein in spending and set ourselves up for economic and social stability as we go forward.

1.) Under no circumstances are you to allow the Federal Reserve or any elected official to enact further programs to weaken our monetary system causing crippling inflation to take hold.

2.) Do not raise our taxes.

3.) You will immediately fix the fiasco you’ve caused by implementing a balanced budget program, ceasing over borrowing from foreign lenders, and putting an end to the historic increase in our money supply.

We the People of the United States of America should listen to the values of our Founding Fathers and protect our children and future generations from harming this great country any further.

When we unite our voices together, we can Save the American Way.

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Carey Shea
Joanne Millum
Kurt  H. Tummel  Jr.

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  • Carey Shea
    signed 2016-05-19 14:14:54 -0400
  • Joanne Millum
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    Sign the petition: Balance the Budget
  • Joanne Millum
    signed 2016-04-22 15:37:43 -0400
    Joanne Millum
  • Kurt  H. Tummel  Jr.
    signed 2016-02-21 02:20:12 -0500
    Every year we should have a balanced budget. Stop government spending. Stop all the lazy loafing liars and leaches ,who don’t want to work, govt. freebee programs. Stop all foreign aid. Get rid of half the useless politicians in Washington. Come out with a flat tax system where every single person pays the same percentage of tax whether poor of rich , right to the top with all these ceo’s making 40 and 50 million plus a year with no more write offs ! Use our own oil and natural gas and sell the excess to other good democratic countries so we become the opec nation and reduce our debt . Put a large import tax on all the manufactured goods coming into our nation from all the communist countries ! The Constitution does not allow us to even trade with communist countries much less let them have or purchase any American soil or buildings or businesses !